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Amber J. Guidry

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Numerous Impressive v Photographs

  1. v-jam with Norah

    Image by ~C4Chaos
    rip-mix-burned on: ~C4Chaos: ~iBlues: V-Jam with Norah

  2. V…

    Image by Vanessa Maurer
    V de Vanessa!!!

    Finalmente o abcdrio do site da Marie Claire Ides, chegou na letra V… l l l l…

    Sam, obrigada por me avisar flor…

  3. The Bulk Freighters “JOHN W. GATES”, “RICHARD V. LINDABURY”, “J. PIERPONT MORGAN”, and “NORMAN B. REAM”; on the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan in 1946.

    Image by David C. Foster
    Ship "Richard V. Lindabury" Im not sure if this ship was restricted to the Great Lakes or may have been used during WWII for oceanic treansport? I tend to think since it was photographed on its home waters it never left the Great Lakes.

    Jack Mitchell: "I was also on the Santa Maria, and was surprised that you never mentioned the fact that about 80% of the passengers and crew were sick and upchucking for most of the voyage, that we were on an ocean-going ship that had been designed for the Great Lakes which would bounce up and down when groups were doing calisthenics on the hatch covers."

    Richard V. Lindabury: The Pittsburgh Steamship Co.s RICHARD V LINDABURY (Hull#783) was launched February 24, 1923, at Lorain, Ohio by American Ship Building Co. Purchased by S & E Shipping (Kinsman) in 1978, renamed b.) KINSMAN INDEPENDENT (2). She was scrapped at Aliaga, Turkay in 1988.

    J. PIERPONT MORGAN: Measured 605 6" X 58 X 32 and was a steamer built at Chicago Shipbuilding Company, Chicago Illinois in 1906.

    NORMAN B. REAM: Measured 605 6" X 58 X 32 and was a steamer built at Chicago Shipbuilding Company, Chicago Illinois in 1906.


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    JOHN W. GATES: Measured 497 X 52 X 30 "500-footers" and was a steamer built at American Shipbuilding Company in Lorain, Ohio in 1900.

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