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Dr. Natalie Burger Directs an IVF Gestational Surrogacy Cycle That Enables Jessie Brandt to Carry a Baby for Her Sister Nicole Hall

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) May 11, 2014

Mothers Day celebrates selfless acts, and this year Jason and Nicole Hall will recognize a sisters love that brought life to their dream of becoming parents. Texas Fertility Centers Dr. Natalie Burger was fortunate to help facilitate the gift.

Nicole suffers from cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle and the condition featured in the movie Beaches. Diagnosed on her 21st birthday, Nicole had accepted that she might not be able to have a family, even before she married Jason.

Its tough to adopt with my health history, says Nicole. I didnt want to go through a surrogacy service I know its a beautiful option, but it was not for us. Through therapy and self-preservation, the couple decided against having children.

Hope Restored: Gestational Surrogacy at Texas Fertility Center.

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Two months before her wedding, Nicoles obgyn reiterated how difficult it would be for Nicole to carry a pregnancy and deliver a baby, and that advanced reproductive technology and surrogacy was her only viable option.

Dr. Burger explains that gestational surrogacy involves an IVF cycle with two women: the intended parent undergoes ovulation stimulation and egg retrieval; and the carrier receives the fertilized egg in the transfer stage of IVF. In this case, Nicoles eggs were fertilized with Jasons sperm in the IVF lab at Texas Fertility Center.

My family and my sister Jessie were aware of the challenges that we faced, and my sister once said, let me know if you need me. I wanted her to volunteer, and didnt want to put any pressure on her.

The Christmas Gift that Led to a Mothers Day Miracle

Jason and I started talking about the possibility of having my sister help us become parents at Christmastime 2012. When we arrived at a family celebration that year, there was a lone gift under the tree addressed to us, remembers Nicole. All eyes were on me as I opened a gift that was a My Aunt Rocks onesie. Within seconds, I was cryingugly cryingand everyone was toasting and celebrating.

Why TFC for Gestational Surrogacy?

Nicoles obgyn recommended TFC, and she did her own research as well. Once I met Dr. Natalie Burger, I said, shes going to help me make a family and she did.

Dr. Burger and the fertility specialists at TFC coordinated an IVF cycle to account for Jessies busy schedule. Nicoles sister was in school full time, working full time and raising her own child. The TFC team worked to ensure that a gestational surrogacy pregnancy would occur in the summertime.

Ovulation induction and egg retrieval were successful, and helped Nicole feel connected to the process. Dr. Burger arranged for the embryo transfer, and then the families waited.

We cheated, and I spent $ 100 on different pregnancy tests, says Nicole. Im super type A, and wanted to know before the scheduled pregnancy test at Texas Fertility Center. I told my sister, lets just try it out and pee on a stick. We immediately got blue lines, plus signs, and a digital yes. It was instant and very clear.

Dr. Natasya Ikbal with Women Partners in Health provided pregnancy care and Dr. Stephanie Reich delivered baby Rilan two months ago; the Halls are scheduled to bring their baby girl to Texas Fertility Center for a meet and greet the Thursday after Mothers Day.

New dad Jason has a surprise planned for Mothers Day, but Nicole says: Every day seems like a celebration so far.

About Texas Fertility Center

Texas Fertility Center (TFC), one of the nations leading full-service infertility practices, provides advanced Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology services to patients throughout Texas, the Southwestern United States, and the Americas. Since 1980, TFC has been recognized nationally for outstanding pregnancy rates, cutting-edge laboratory procedures, and innovative research programs. For more information, please visit

Video courtesy of Jim Bergamo and Austins ABC affiliate KVUE News.

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