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Amber J. Guidry

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Numerous Fascinating f Photos

  1. F-16
    Image by psiaki
    round two on an F-16. The canopy is what got this going, wish I had a better color.

    landing gear is retractable <– im super super proud of this part so ill probably make a video of it tonight.

    more later

    new updated version

  2. Nikon F
    Image by Jim OConnell
    This has been my "walking around" camera the last few days. Its an early 1960s Nikon F, with a serial number in the low 64s. Not the absolute earliest group that were out in 1959, probably closer to 1963. Ive had it a while, but now Ive gotten the original style top prism, the simple kind with no meter.
    The lens is new though, the 45mm "pancake" lens that they (re-) introduced with the Nikon FM3a (1998?). Its a wonderful lens, especially given its tiny size. The silver finish looks great on this old body too.

    When they talk about manual cameras, this is what they mean. To take a photo, you first decide on the light, using the meter, seen on the left. Then You set the speed and aperture, based on what you know about your lens and what your instinct tells you.
    On the left is the Minolta meter I use and in the back, an Olympus PEN F that I havent gotten working yet.

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