Carbon Reduction Commitment ? A Green Oath

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Carbon reduction commitment that is previously popular as CRC energy efficiency scheme is a must follow by all companies, which were consuming more than a fixed barrier of energy levels every year. Under this scheme new rules are designed that work parallel to legislative rules for saving our environment from the danger of excessive pollutants. The main objective of this committee is to reduce the energy wastage in various factories by using finest methods of using the energy efficiently. All the companies under this scheme have to report their carbon discharges every year with certain parameters for measuring them.

Moreover, they have to pay a certain amount to the government for every ton of carbon they discharge in the air. The government retains this money and hence it is advisable for the companies to make imperative changes to limit the energy usage and carbon emissions. A performance league table is prepared on the basis of these carbon emissions and energy usage. The firm that performs well will be listed on the top and this will bring good reputation to the organization in the committee. However, no other benefits are entitled for their achievements.

Carbon reduction An Inevitable tool to increase the companys revenue

If the carbon management program is given proper attention by the companies, then they have to deposit less money to the government, as they can self improvise their methods to reduce energy consumption. They can also actively participate in carbon reduction programs in various ways. The carbon reduction barriers are fixed by the Carbon Trust Standard, an organization formed to take care of carbon emissions. One of the preventive measures in carbon reduction is CCS (carbon capture and storage) method in which all the captured carbon dioxide is collected from power stations and sent through pipes to store them safely in deep deserted oil reservoirs or saline aquifers.

CCS is aiming at reducing the global temperature, which if not given enough importance would definitely cost much more than we expect on these preventive methods. CCS is working on different methods to deploy the wastes from factories and fight against the climate changes. This committee is exclusively working on designing a perfect plan with available statistics to reduce the carbon emissions globally. We can find successful methods from all corners to help these future companies in giving outstanding performance along with great focus and special care for the environment.

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