Can anybody tell me what model these Ray Ban sunglasses are?

  1. Stop By Commercial Link in reference to more HeRE -
    more HeRE

    I love the look though I cant seem to find them anywhere :(

    Answer by Cosmini

  3. So recently I decided to get a Christmas present for one of my friend and Im having some trouble choosing something that she actually likes. Shes not the type to be interested in fashion or make up and I really need help choosing something for her shes 14 btw

    Answer by Charlotte
    Does she like music? Art? Crafts and DIY? Sports? Books?

    You can subtly ask her. Just say, “Hey, what do you think about this thing?” and show her a picture or something. If she says “Whoa thats really cool! I wish I had one!” then you know what to get her! :)

    Good luck!

  4. Is there a free program that does this like movie maker? or is there one I could buy?

    Answer by Yasser Ramadan try this

  5. under their breath, but just loud enough for you to hear them

    Answer by Joseph the Second
    I feel Badly for Them. Because for ALL tense & purposes, They might as well NOT. :(

  6. My iBall wp8060 work really well in normal model. But when I try to run photoshop in administrator mode the digital tablet can only draw straight lines. I have to click somewhere and then let go somewhere else to get a straight line like how you draw straight line holding shift. I cant run some custom scripts in normal mode. Im using photoshop cs6. Again, it works fine when Im not running it in administrator mode.

    Answer by Nahum
    Why do you need to run Photoshop as administrator?

    Your drivers dont have the same OS privileges as elevated Photoshop. You would have to restart the tablet driver with admin privileges as well.

    I came across this trying to play a game on Windows 7 that was designed for Windows XP. Both the game and my mouse control panel had to run as administrator. Without elevating the mouse driver, I couldnt use any of the mouses extra buttons.

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