Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide

When reading this article one would see the sadness in the words of the author and the experiences that she had. In a personal way, it is hard not to feel sorry that she had to slowly watch her father die. I personally have looked at the desires that I have for when my end comes and how I would want to die or deal with a terminal conditions such as cancer. If I am going to die, I would rather it be under my own terms, I have learned a long time ago that losing a loved one even to cancer it is not easy to do. Assisted suicide is, while not a moral, it is often more likely to be something a person would choose not something that is thrust upon them.

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Susan Wolfs article is a very moving piece of work I am hoping that I can learn more about assisted suicide as I am research this project more. Terminal illnesses are not easy to do with not just worried that families involved for the patients as well. When dealing with tragedies such as these it is easy to lose sight of the facts of the situation. People sometimes lose heart when a family member is involved, when a parent or a child is terminally ill and is often not uncommon for one to least become angry when doctors are unable to do more than we think they should. This of course does not mean that the doctors do not have feelings for you as a person or your situation they just are not able to make the choices for you. Also, keep in mind that doctors are in the business of keeping people alive and the idea of a patient not living is very difficult for them to accept.

In no way shape or form do I condone assisted suicide at all; I do believe that people should be allowed to choose their way of leaving this world. When a person is terminally ill, they often think about what is the best way to spend that illness. Some people will not want to spend the remainder of their lives, so to speak, tied to a bed with tubes in almost every please just sustaining their painful life. When a person says they no longer want to have their life prolonged artificially then it then the duty of the family to accept their choice of that. However, it is a different altogether to have a doctor or nurse medically assist in ending the life of a patient who wants to die.

Personally, if I want to die in one way or the other well I want to die my way, I makes it hard to think of these things some days because of the fact that, I have a mother who is also sick. I know that one day I will have to make choices for her health and I know those decisions will be difficult. I also know that I have to make those decisions and she is unable to make them herself. I also know that she is in pain and she may end up with even worse pain as time goes one. She has made a number of requests of me and my brother in the event of her inability to make medical choices herself. I hope I am not in that position anytime soon but I also know it will happen someday.

In conclusion, assisted suicide in a personal aspect is really something that a person no matter their faith is going to have to think about on their own. If a person wants to die, a person should be allowed to die with out people telling them that they should live. A person is the only one that can make choices for their own life and death and there should not be anyone else to tell them other wise. However, that does not mean that a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional. It is more important that the person is comfortable and happy with how they feel. If you feel that you want to die then you are entitled to that choice, however, it is still up to you if you want to really die or if you just want the pain to end.


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